I never thought I would let my body get into the condition it was in. I had been fit years ago but a fairly unhealthy lifestyle and many commitments, not to mention working like a madman had led to poor eating habits, lack of exercise and loss of energy in a big way.

I knew I was better than I looked and felt, but I couldn’t affect the changes I needed. The changes I knew would help me look and feel better.

I joined a corporate gym and soon noticed Rebecca Bravo training with some of her clients. I was blown away at the intensity of the workouts! I watched the way she stood by their side every step of the way, coaching them on and kicking their butt!

I was a little scared, but I wanted to change! I wanted to feel & look better!

Blair - BEFORE

I signed up with Rebecca. After only a few intense sessions, I was working with her on all muscle groups. I had been in the gym working out for many years and thought I knew how to work out. Ha ha!

Rebecca has shown me an intensity I never thought I could achieve. I honestly get more out of an hour with her than 2-3 hours alone.

I have lost 50 pounds, changed my condition dramatically, feel great, have twice as much energy, and love the way I look and feel.

Blair - AFTER

Rebecca showed me how to achieve something I had been chasing for years.

Thank you Rebecca!