Prevention Is The Best Self-Defense


Learn practical self-defense skills such as:

  • Recognition and avoiding potential threats
  • Interrupting and stopping potential assaults
  • Practical and effective hand-to-hand defensive techniques

Would you be able to defend yourself and your loved one if someone were to physically attack you? It’s a question most of us don’t want to consider, but unfortunately violence is a fact of life. Thankfully, regardless of size, strength or previous training, anyone can learn several effective self defensive techniques.

Prevention Is the Best Self-Defense

Attackers, whatever their objectives, are looking for unsuspecting, vulnerable easy targets. Prevention is the best self defense. Participants learn situational awareness, verbal and emotional boundary setting, and physical self defense techniques to defend themselves if attacked.

Our classes are affordable and we train in small groups for more personalized attention.

Intro Series: 5 weeks, 5 classes, an hour in length
Fee: $125.
Maximum enrollment: 6

Call for class schedule for continuing self defense training, for those who have taken the intro series and want to ingrain the skills into memory and reflexes.

Contact us to set up a private class, or for onsite self defense training at job location.