Six months before my 30th birthday I began working out at a local fitness center. I was determined to look and feel better by my birthday. I was at least 20 pounds over-weight, smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, rarely ever exercised and was often depressed.

After a month and a half of doing cardio exercises like a mad-woman, I was really depressed. I could see very little results from my efforts. That’s when I met Rebecca Bravo.

Tammy - Day 1Day 1

Rebecca taught me how to train with weights, about nutrition and diet, gave me workout advice, and explained the value of investing in my own self-worth.

She stuck me with every step of the way. On the days that I was just too tired or sore, she was the source of my ongoing encouragement and inspiration. Rebecca became more than my trainer, she became my friend.

Knowing how to weight-train and do cardiovascular exercises correctly and effectively along with proper diet and nutrition are vital in any goals associated with fitness and weight loss.

Tammy - Week 4Week 4

I went from a size 14 to a size 3/4. I went from 175 pounds with 34% body-fat to a trim 130 pounds and 16% body-fat. My whole life has totally changed. I’m not only looking and feeling better than I ever have, my self-esteem, energy and overall happiness have increased dramatically.

Tammy - 12 WeeksWeek 12

The tools that I’ve learned from Rebecca are priceless.

Thank you Rebecca!